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Latest Parliamentary Speeches

  • Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) (Amendment) Bill – Speech by Leon Perera

    (Delivered in Parliament on 13 September 2016) Madam Speaker the Consumer Protection Fair Trading Amendment Bill seeks to empower SPRING Singapore to become an enforcement agency to investigate, obtain and enforce Court injunctions against errant retailers. The amendments aim to deter errant retail practices and to publicise the occurrence of such practices so that consumers

  • Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Amendment Bill – Speech by Dennis Tan Lip Fong

    (Delivered in Parliament on 13 September 2016) Madam speaker, I am in support of strengthening existing laws to provide better protection for consumers. Whether it is to protect local shoppers or foreign tourists. It may only take a few bad hats give a bad name to Singapore. We cannot afford that as Singapore is a

  • Tribute to SR Nathan – Speech by Pritam Singh

    (Delivered in Parliament on 13 September 2016) Madam Speaker, like many younger Singaporeans, I am of a generation that grew up with President Nathan when he became President and took on a significantly more public persona. His passing however is also an opportunity to remember his immense courage in service of Singapore. Specifically, his role

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